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Starting Price:
5 Top Level Pages:

The set of pages that comprise the main website. They bring together a range of resources from around the website in an attempt to provide a cohesive set of entry pages for all target audience groups.

4 Sub level pages:

Pages that are direct continuation of Top level pages

1 Web Form:
(Max 10 entries)

Protect your email address from spammers and reduce junk emails with an extremely functional web form that can be used to request any sort of information from customers.

1 Year Domain Registration:

A domain or website domain is the name of the website or URL. Its purpose is to stand in for the numeric, and hard to remember, IP address of a website

1-5 Email Accounts:

Leave a lasting professional impression with an email to go with your domain. ie: you@yourdomain.com

5 Body Images:

Specify the images you want include in the body of your website, this is seperate from the images used in the design layout of your site.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

The amount of data transferred by your domain, this includes but limited to things such as website traffic & media (videos, images, documents, etc...).

$30/mo Hosting (24/7) :

The files to your website are hosted and stored on our servers to allow others access via the web. These files are backed up daily and allow viewing of your website to anyone in the world, 24/7.




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